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Winter Celebration Kicks Off POFP’s 10th Year

The Winter Celebration Committee decorated the hall at the Tewksbury Senior Center in winter white and blue, a perfect venue to kick off our 2019 milestones—10 years and 100,000 bouquets.

Guests arrived with arms full of delicious food and much needed donations for the Women’s Shelter and Big Hair Rescue. Each had smiles on their lips and good cheer in their hearts.

Patrice F. kicked off the 10 year campaign, explaining our strategy is to invite local businesses in the towns we serve to sponsor a delivery–$100 for a one day delivery or $500 for a week’s delivery or any increment in between.

The theme of our campaign is “honor those who built our communities”. Our bouquet recipients are those who were the fire fighters, teachers, doctors, and business owners who built the communities in which we live. During our 10th year, we are extending the opportunity to the current community builders to sponsor a moment of happiness to those who came before.

Lois A. thanked you, our volunteers, for your dedication to our mission. She also thanked Leslie and presented her with a beautiful silk scarf.

Kali W., ably assisted by Phyllis D., recognized volunteers based on the kudos from the Appreciation Station. Look for a special blog about the amazing things you do for each other and for POFP.

Paula, our contact for the Women’s Shelter, brought us to tears when she thanked us for our generosity in filling the needs of the families at the shelter.

Twelve lucky guests walked away with a gorgeous centerpiece and everyone received the honey favor that summed it all up, “You, our volunteers, are the heart and soul of POFP.”


Enjoy this gallery of pictures from the event.