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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the flower arrangements really free?
They are entirely free to the recipients. The flowers are all donated and all the work is done by volunteers.

Who donates the flowers?
The flowers we use in our arrangements are recycled from weddings, banquets, business conferences, memorial services—any event where flowers are often left behind or tossed in the trash while they are still fresh. We also receive donations from local flower retailers and wholesalers.

Why flowers?
Studies show that flowers create feelings of happiness and well-being that can have a lasting, long-term affect. They can also improve memory. These can be powerful benefits for someone in a nursing home, hospital, or hospice, or who is lonely, undergoing cancer treatment or simply going through a rough patch.
One word we hear back often from caregivers, senior centers and nursing homes is hope. Many people feel forgotten and the flowers make them feel that someone knows they are there and is thinking of them.

How much does it cost the Power of Flowers Project to create each arrangement?
We estimate that each arrangement, of a size and quality that would cost approximately $20 to $25 if purchased at retail, costs us about $1.50 to create and deliver.  So your donation of just $35 would provide individual flower arrangements to nearly two dozen ill, elderly, or disabled persons.

How do you choose who to take your flowers to?
Our recipients are chosen through many channels, including community outreach programs, friends, home care organizations, elder services, senior centers and cancer clinics, among others.

Why not just take the arrangements to nursing homes etc., why all the extra effort to rearrange them?
Memorial and wedding arrangements are often too large for such facilities to display, and many of the ill and elderly have just a table to call their own. Individual arrangements can be kept in sight at all times, at bedsides, on mealtrays and on dining tables.

How can I get involved?
We are looking for volunteers to pick up donated flowers, refresh and rearrange them into smaller arrangements and deliver them to nursing homes, cancer care facilities, Meals on Wheels programs, homeless shelters and many other locations. Click the Participate/Volunteer button on the right side of this page to sign up or call 978-226-8545.

Do I need to be creative or know how to arrange flowers to volunteer?
Absolutely not. We have a streamlined approach to our floral arranging that is easy to follow. All supplies are provided. After a short training session you’ll be ready to go.

I don’t have a lot of time.  Can you still use my help?
We have volunteers who work only a few hours at a time and only when their schedule permits and others who work nearly every week. We can use your help no matter how few or how many hours you have to contribute.Click the Volunteer/Donate button on the right side of this page.

I’ve been looking for a way to make a significant contribution to a volunteer organization. Do you have any opportunities that would allow me to have a direct impact the success and direction of the Project?
We need people with skills in many areas to help us to promote our mission. We are looking for help in such areas as technology, administration, fund-raising, grant writing, promotions and establishing partnerships with other organizations. Please call 978-226-8545 for more information.

When I donate to the Project, what is the money used for?
Although the flowers and labor are free, there are modest expenses incurred in turning them into arrangements, such as the paper cups used as vases, floral foam, gasoline for pickups and deliveries, refrigeration, plant food etc.  Belle Feuille Floral Design donates our work space and use of a van, and we are expanding our list of partners and sponsors who donate materials.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes! We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.