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Our Mission

Power of Flowers Project shares hope and happiness by providing a kind connection to seniors and veterans in care communities.  Our dedicated volunteers repurpose donated flowers into bouquets and deliver these gifts to provide an unexpected moment of joy and improve the wellbeing of a vulnerable population.

Our History

Power of Flowers Project started in 2009 when our founder, Joyce Bellefeuille, a floral designer, sought to reach this overlooked group by paying a visit, sharing a conversation, and leaving behind the gift of colorful, fragrant fresh flowers to brighten their lonely rooms.  Her concept was born from the idea to reclaim still beautiful, flower creations after they had served their single purpose at weddings, funerals, and corporate events.

Who We Are

We are a group of volunteers dedicated to enriching the lives of others by harnessing the proven power of flowers to lift spirits and promote healing. Our bouquets can be found many places, from bedsides in nursing homes to coffee tables of Meals on Wheels clients and disabled veterans.

We deliver flowers to residents of care communities or home-bound seniors to improve their quality of life, to reduce loneliness and depression, and to let them know they are valued.   The process we use engages community, corporate, individual, and the elderly themselves to accomplish our mission.

Bouquets are Made in Our Tewksbury MA Workshop

We re-new and re-fresh gently used flowers recycled from weddings, banquets, business conferences, memorial services—any event where flowers are left behind or tossed in the trash while they are still fresh.

We make and deliver over 400 bouquets every week to care facilities in the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire. All free of charge.

Over 100,000 bouquets have been made and delivered since 2009.


Flower Therapy Workshops

If you’re looking to engage your residents with a fun activity, our volunteers can assist you. Our Flower Therapy Workshops were created to Share Hope and Happiness in care communities by which residents create their own bouquets, all under the direction of our trained volunteers.

These workshops are filled with smiles and fun as we gently guide participants to create their own arrangements. This simple activity promotes the use of fine motor skills, engages the senses, and creates a positive social setting. In the end, the participants feel a sense of accomplishment.

If your Care Community would like more information about hosting a Flower Therapy Workshop, please contact Michelle Silveira, Executive Director, at or by calling 978-226-8545.

Host a Buds and Blooms Party

Are you looking for something new to do with your friends and family?

Something that not only connects you through laughter and creativity, but is a way to give back and benefit the elderly and veterans in your community?

How about hosting a Bouquet Creation Party?

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Michelle Silveira, Executive Director, at or by calling 978-226-8545.

Engage Your Business in the VIP Experience (Volunteer in Place)

Companies are looking for more engaged employees.  One way to foster engagement at your company is through corporate social responsibility. 

Why not consider a fun teambuilding event hosted over lunch that will benefit the elderly and veterans?   We call it Kindness Connection and it’s a great bonding experience for your employees who get together, talk face-to-face, and use their hands to be creative. Employees pick the care community to receive the bouquets they make.

If you are interested in hosting Kindness Connection, please contact Michelle Silveira, Executive Director, at or by calling 978-226-8545.

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