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We’ve Got Mail!

Blaire House Tewksbury, MA

Here?s what the Assisted Living Executive Director Richard L. Williams at Blaire House at Tewksbury recently emailed:

?The Power of Flowers Project has been regularly delivering bouquets of flowers to our facility for the past three years. The residents are so happy to receive a gift of any kind, but especially fresh flowers with a recycled purpose. All residents, young and old, male and female, from various cultures are all happy to receive fresh, colorful, fragrant flowers. The flowers always seem to arrive at just the right time such as after a resident has a sudden loss, is not feeling well, or has received some bad news about their health. [pullquote]The gift of flowers shows that they are thought of, loved and others care about them.[/pullquote] The bouquets are a conversation starter with staff, families and friends, too. The bouquets also serve as a reminder about joyful times they received flowers such as Mother?s Day or their wedding day.?

The Power of Flowers Project has been keeping a date delivering flowers to over 120 care communities like this for eight years in the greater Merrimack Valley. Help us continue to make a difference one flower at a time.

We love getting mail!