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We Love Our Volunteers!

On January 16, 2019, the Power of Flowers Project held Winter Celebration for Volunteers, which we reported in our blog post Winter Celebration Kicks Off POFP’s 10th Year.

Ten days before the celebration, an Appreciation Station was placed in the POFP workshop; and volunteers were asked to post their thoughts when in the workshop.

After much merrymaking by all attendees, Kali W. took the mic to provide results from the Appreciation Station.  She opened with this moving introduction:

I want to talk about snowflakes. Individually they're small and tiny and incredibly beautiful but in and of themselves they are not very effective. But together? They are amazing-- transforming landscapes and helping create monstrous snow sculptures and dazzle in the sunlight. Our volunteers are like snowflakes. They are each unique. They are each fabulous. And together we have done amazing things.

Kali, with the able assistance of Janet D., went on to summarize the Appreciation Station comments for the group.

Lots of the comments were anonymous and general:

  • So much fun!!! love you guys!
  • Appreciate constructive feedback and how well people are taking them 🙂
  • For all the smiling faces and friendships that have developed
  • Love the social part of doing flowers. We all have the same interests!
  • Lovely helpful ladies and men volunteering. Smiling and enjoying what they do
  • Great group of ladies to work with!
  • I (Heart) POF and all the smiles and fun
  • Flower therapy brighten my day
  • Such fun. I love these women
  • I felt welcomed and appreciated since day one

Other comments were signed. Kathy S. said: I have really enjoyed coming to POF and creating beautiful warmth of happiness to others / making a difference to those receiving these bouquets is wonderful.

Some comments were signed and lauded specific people: Linda C., who is happy to point out good stuff, says: it makes me do a happy dance on Mondays when it’s so spiffy here. Linda, first in on Monday mornings, notices the work of the cleanup crew (Bob S. and Cindy L.) that the rest of us rarely see.

Many others were named in Appreciation Station comments:

  • I admire Merlyn for taking on the challenge of volunteering with PoFP. Nothing holds her back! She is a joy to work with!
  • Cynthia is a wonderful volunteer — always goes the extra mile
  • I’m clapping for Kelly M. our unsung hero on the other side of the wall. She works so hard and is so nice / good at organizing us too
  • Linda C. always greets me by name every Monday
  • Thank you Barbara M. for being so welcoming to newbies and oldies
  • Love Cheryl! So positive
  • Phyllis is always so helpful and in a good mood!
  • Stacy— Sweet– what would we do without her?! She is always willing to pick up, run the shop, or anything else that needs to be done
  • Kudos for Maureen: who helps everywhere especially weekend phone coverage. Other comments for Maureen: is a great mentor for first timers
  • Sandy and Janice wasted a trip picking up flowers from espadrille
  • Barb B. bringing in money and keeps our recycling room neat and orderly, meeting with so many florists all over the place. Someone else commented: Barb B., who quietly goes about her work positively impacts of our bottom line
  • Lois A.— thanks for stepping up and stepping in as an interim executive director.  Someone else commended: Lois A. has done an awesome job as interim ED — really taking the ball by the horns in her kind and gentle way
  • Cathy C. thanks for all the pickups and breakdowns she does!

Several people mentioned this very special person, Heidi W., by name.

  • Heidi has taken on so many responsibilities! She’s awesome!
  • Heidi–you are a shot in the arm! Keep it up!
  • Heidi is the best. So upbeat with clients, and a great teacher
  •  Kudos to Heidi. She’s fun, efficient, and organized
  • Heidi w is a busy body with her flower therapy!

And more gushing testimonials* for a weekend warrior:

  • Chris has impressed me by the way she works the Saturday morning workshop mostly with a small group; we’re usually just four or five people attending on Saturday mornings
  • Chris works very hard – first the usual morning set-up; one minute she’s making bouquets and another she is there to receive deliveries, arrange pick-ups, at the sink washing, or setting the breakdown buckets. You’ll often find her back at the table with us to continue her bouquet creation – usually singing to the music from the radio to arranging delivery. She has a great attitude and gets involved with all that’s needed in the shop which is often demanding as you know. She mostly closes the day by either herself or with little help as we all want to run home…
  •  I love working with Chris.  As kids would say today – she’s cool

*You can’t have too many “gushing testimonials” for our volunteers.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to all the incredibly beautiful  volunteers, who together are amazing and dazzle in the sunlight!