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Thanks, Dana Home Foundation, for Your Generosity

Granted, it’s d?j? vu all over again… For the third year in a row the Power of Flowers Project was the proud recipient of the Dana Home Foundation Grant. In a recent ceremony Joyce Bellefeuille, founder of the project, accepted the grant on behalf of the Power of Flowers.

That's our Joyce, sixth from the left

We’ve earmarked this year’s grant for hiring a professional marketing consultant who will help us develop a marketing plan and marketing materials.

The Grant is the result of a long history of helping seniors and of service to the Lexington community. The Dana Home opened in 1916 and operated as a home for seniors for 95 years before closing in 2010. Following the sale of the home (now the Inn at Hastings Park), the Board of the Dana Home voted to use its endowment to fund programs that provide benefits to seniors with a connection to Lexington.

Dana Home

During the past year alone, the Power of Flowers Project has delivered 2,774 bouquets to seniors in assisted living and nursing home sites in Lexington and conducted more than a dozen flower therapy workshops in the area.

The generosity of the Dana Home Foundation and our use of the grant funds will extend beyond Lexington borders into other communities.
In 2015 the Grant money enabled us to buy the Power of Flowers Van (the Joymobile), which greatly helped us pick up flowers and make deliveries. In 2016, we were able to purchase much-needed donor management software with the Grant money.

The Joymobile

Dana Home Foundation, we salute you as you continue to honor the legacy of Ellen Dana who made the original generous bequest of her home. Our sincere gratitude for helping us spread the joy!

Joyce Bellefeuille made the centerpieces for the Grant Ceremony Banquet