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A recent storm left behind striking colors in the form of a rainbow.
We all love to see rainbows! They give us a sign of hope after a storm and unsettled weather.
We may even fantasize about that ?pot of gold? at the end of it!
Maybe?it?s not gold that we find, but we do seem to feel hope that the ?bad? is behind us. So when some ?rainbow roses? made their way into our workshop recently, things ticked up a bit!

Though we may never find that legendary ?pot of gold?, what we do find?is that whether it?s a rainbow rose, or a regular rose, or a daisy, or any of the bright flowers that make up our signature bouquets — ?that our bouquets seem to generate that same hope and smiles when we create them and deliver them.

Our recipients smile and feel hope – that uptick in spirits – knowing that someone cared enough about THEM to bring flowers and brighten their day! It certainly makes it all worth while!

….. Making a difference, one flower at a time…….

Actual rainbow picture courtesy of Mary Leach.