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O Boxwood Tree, O Boxwood Tree …



how lovely are your branches

All the creative elves had a great time at the Boxwood Tree  Workshop last Saturday, December 7.  It was a beehive of activity at the Power of Flowers Project headquarters in Tewksbury.  As Joyce Bellefeuille, aided by Linda C., guided all the attendees in creating the trees, each participant was able to choose from a potpourri of the trimmings provided: glittery pine cones, shiny baubles, cinnamon sticks, bright red berries, other sparkly garnishes and tiny lights.  So, each tree had its own special touch.

Lots of laughs, camaraderie, and … cookies!  Safe to say everyone left with a beautiful, lighted boxwood tree and a heaping dose of Christmas spirit.

If you didn’t participate in this fun Workshop this year, perhaps you’ll sign up next year.  Guaranteed you’ll leave not only with your unique tree, but also humming Christmas Carols.