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LOVELY! – Described Afternoon TEA



Well – the weather outside was frightful! But TEA and company inside was Delightful!
The first serious snows of the season had settled in, as luck would have it. But that did not deter our Power of Flowers Project Volunteers, Tea Committee and especially not our Guests.

You noticed the difference as soon as you walked into the hall at the Tewksbury Congregational Church. It was if you were stepping out of the cold and current day New England into a warm and more gentile setting waiting to delight you in so many ways.

The room was decorated in pink damask tablecloths and napkins — antique hats graced the walls – flowers and various pretty teapots?with unique settings adorned the tables. A variety of teas were presented for your choosing. Even the sugar cubes were decorated with roses. Finger sandwiches, sweets and delicacies of all sorts were available for the tasting.

Guests embraced the spirit of the day! There were pastels and bright colors – and the HATS! Wonderful, extravagant HATS!

Table chatter ceased as Mrs. Gordon (portrayed by Rita Parisi of Waterfall Productions) was introduced. Mrs. Gordon, a middle class woman of the 19th century, told of a certain ?ball? with would-be suitors and the gentleman who ultimately became her partner and husband. She relayed the ?mis-steps? of her first dance with Mr. Gordon and their next meetings with ensuing courtship, eventual engagement and marriage. She taught us of the unspoken language of a woman?s fan. A tale very unlike today?s experiences. Guests partook of the opportunity to pose numerous questions of the kind Mrs. Gordon.

The afternoon was simply LOVELY! And the day was declared to be the First Annual Victorian Tea by the Power of Flowers Project. So we all have something to look forward to!

Wander through this picture gallery to see how LOVELY the afternoon was: (click on any picture to see it enlarged)

Sweets for the Sweet:


Tables and Teas:




Hats – Hats and More Hats:


Mrs. Gordon:

The Tea Committee: ?(THANKS! for all of your hard work! Sorry if we missed anyone!)


The End of the Day: