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Lilacs Blooming in Doorways At Last

Bouquet of Lilacs by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Bouquet of Lilacs by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

One of the many pleasures of spring is inviting fresh fragrant seasonal scents into your home. The loveliest of these is the lilac. I like to gather large bunches and bring them indoors and strategically place them in vases throughout the house.

Once cut, lilacs have a very short shelf life; so here are a couple tips to help them last longer:

? Cut lilacs from the bush first thing in the morning when they’re well hydrated
? Once indoors, re-cut stems at an angle and immediately plop them into a vase with water
? Some people smash the ends of the woody stem with a hammer to increase water flow to the blossoms
? Others like to submerge the lilacs in a bucket of water overnight
? Add some preservative to the water; and as you would any cut flowers, replace the water daily.

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