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Let’s Get Creative

January is International Creativity Month. 

It’s a month to celebrate people in the workplace whose main job requires a certain amount of creativity: graphic artists, designers, writers, musicians, anyone who works in a creative field.  Creativity should not to be confused with talent. Thinking more creatively can be thought of as a skill… a skill that can be taught.

According to Dr. James C. Kaufman, PhD, Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Connecticut, “Creative people tend to be happier and more successful than less creative people.  [They]  use their creativity to cope with stress and heal more quickly after trauma.”

There are several different levels of creativity.  One is personal creativity… ideas or solutions that are meaningful to you even though they have been done before; for example, adding some brandy to your mince pies. 

The second level is everyday creativity that is recognized by others; for example, writing a poem or making an old chair into a planter. 

The third and fourth levels of creativity range from being an expert in a particular field, (i.e., a college professor) to a genius, (i.e., Michelangelo, Charles Dickens, Galileo or Picasso). Anyone can be Level 1 and most people can be Level 2. Level 3 takes a lot more time and effort.  And the few that attain Level 4 are geniuses.

So, how do you nurture your creativity.  Dr. Kaufman advises “Being open…try new foods, … take sensible risks, go to museums, play with ideas, let yourself daydream a little, appreciate beauty, and generally enjoy all the different experiences that life has to offer.”

The Power of Flowers Project encourages creativity in their volunteers making signature bouquets, in their Flower Therapy Workshops, and in their seasonal workshops, such as Container Gardening Workshops.

For example , for the POFP Flower Therapy Workshops we bring all needed supplies to a local nursing home: foam, containers, and flowers.  Skilled volunteers guide the residents through making an arrangement that they can take to their rooms.  These Workshops help the elderly to appreciate beauty and enjoy a different experience as well as to communicate with others in the facility.  All these activities promote happier residents who can better cope with stress and heal. 

Take a look at the POFP website for information on volunteering and the various workshops we have throughout the year.  See how you can nurture your creativity.

Enjoy the International Creativity Month and get in touch with your creative side.