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Kindness Makes a Connection with Salesforce

Salesforce Logo on Bouquets Headed to Stonebridge Residents

The Power of Flowers Project kicked off our 2018 Kindness Connection Program with a hearty VIP (volunteering in place) session at Salesforce, Inc., in Burlington, MA. Kindness Connection is a way for Power of Flowers Project to connect with corporate social responsibility initiatives.

With sunlight streaming in the floor to ceiling windows, the room was perfect for the activity. Suki H., our host at Salesforce and also a Power of Flowers Project volunteer, welcomed the 23 participants to the session. Leslie K. then thanked Salesforce for hosting this VIP session and the participants for donating their time. Joyce B. provided context by explaining who we are, what we do, and why it matters.

In turn, the participants explained why they chose to spend their time with us making bouquets. Several had family members who had been in assisted living and wanted to give back, others love flowers, and all wanted to make someone smile.

And smile we did! Participants busily followed Joyce’s instructions for creating the collar, inserting the line flower, selecting the focal flowers, and touching up with texture. Power of Flowers Project volunteers, Daisy V. and Muriel S., assisted the group by distributing supplies, answering questions, and providing feedback on flower selection and design. The resulting bouquets put a smile on all our faces.

Salesforce Volunteers Create Beautiful Bouquets

Smiling Participants Display Their Creations

The 23 participants contributed money to attend the session and donated their time and energy to create something beautiful to give to someone in need. They produced 36 gorgeous creations which our host, Suki H., delivered to residents at Stonebridge in Burlington. Many more smiles happened that day.

Salesforce Employees Give Back through our Volunteering In Place (VIP) Session

If you know of a business or corporation interested in providing this opportunity to their employees, please contact Leslie Kirle, Executive Director.