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How to Cure the Winter Blahs

3268zauber [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

So, the holidays are over, it’s cold outside, and the sun still sets very early.  Blah. Blah. Blah.  There is such a thing as seasonal depression… you feel listless, uneasy, and you know something’s wrong, but you don’t know what it is.   

Whatcha Gonna Do?  Get yourself some flowers, that’s what.  Flowers Fight Funk.

Experts agree that flowers, whether cut or in pots,  are natural mood enhancers.  They not only beautify your surroundings, but their mere presence can trigger happiness.  Their beautiful colors put a smile on your face; and the scents of some flowers, such as roses, help reduce stress. 

The colors of flowers are associated with different moods and emotions:

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro
Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

In addition to symbolizing love and femininity, pink flowers encourage peaceful and gentle emotions.  There are so many pink flowers from which to choose:  tulips, roses, lilies, carnations, and azaleas. 

Red  flowers can inspire energy and courage as well as love and passion.  Sure, a big vase of red roses is nice on Valentine’s Day; but imagine how a bunch of red tulips would brighten up a dark corner of a room. 

Orange florals bring joy, excitement, and enthusiasm.  There are lots of orange flowers, such as carnations, lilies, mums, and tulips; but my favorites this time of year are primroses.  I like to put several pots of primroses on my kitchen window sill to add color and life to the space. 

 Yellow  sunflowers, daisies, lilies, mums, daffodils, tulips, and primroses  can reduce the blahs by inducing feelings of happiness and joy.  They add a spot of sunshine wherever they are… no matter how grey the day.

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro
Picture by Rosemary B. Intingro

 Green flowers encourage peaceful, tranquil effects; and they remind us that spring is on the way. 

Blue flowers are soothing and represent tranquility and peace.  My favorites are blue hydrangeas; and just a few make a  nice, fluffy display.

Lavender and purple symbolize elegance and youth.  There are so many flowers in shades of purple, it’s hard to choose: iris, daisies, orchids, primrose, roses, and the list goes on an on.

From the very beginning our Joyce B. understood the concept of flowers influencing emotion and bringing joy.  She founded The Power of Flowers Project based on that principal.  Now, over 10 years later, we’ve delivered nearly 100,000 bouquets, bringing happiness to those in need of a smile, one flower at a time.  For more information and to learn the many ways you can help us in our mission, on our website visit Volunteer and/or Contribute to see how you can contribute money or flowers.

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro
Rosendahl [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons