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Volunteers’ Winter Celebration-2019

The Power of Flowers Volunteers’ The Winter Celebration was held on Wednesday, January 15, 2020, at the Tewksbury Senior Center.  Although the event was held after the busy holidays, spirits were still very merry.  As with all POFP functions, the room was abuzz with socializing and much laughter.

Michelle Silveria, Executive Director of the Power of Flower Project, welcomed the volunteers and thanked them for all that they do to make POFP a wonderful organization.  She spoke about volunteers “never losing sight of the fact that we bring so much Hope and Happiness to those living in Care Communities and it is all because of your efforts.” She then introduced the Board Members who were in attendance.

The celebration was potluck, so attendees brought a wide assortment of appetizers, non-alcoholic beverages, main dishes, finger foods, salads, and dessert, desserts, and more desserts.  (The desserts were placed on a single long table where we attempted to put three tables worth of sweets.) 

All offerings were yummy and artistic, but the centerpiece of the table was a beautiful cake decorated by Sandy R. and cookies with the POFP logo. Not only are our volunteers flower-bouquet-makers extraordinaire, but WOW, can they cook.  Let’s just say, no one went home hungry.

The POFP endeavors to recycle whenever possible.  The Winter Celebration was no exception.  The celebration committee thoughtfully supplied take-home containers so that there were no leftovers. At All.

As in years past, the POFP chose an area non-profit organization to support as part of our Celebration. This year we chose The Women’s Shelter, which is a non-profit haven for battered women and their children.  Maria F. coordinated this aspect of the evening.  As usual, our wonderful, generous volunteers answered the call by bringing items, such as women’s and children’s clothing, toys, toiletries, etc.  We were able to send representatives from the shelter home with a mountain of items.  Volunteers were also able to donate through an Amazon “Wish List” prepared by the shelter. 

As with all good things, the Winter Celebration 2019 was at a close.  As a parting gift, everyone went home with a flower-shaped cinnamon air freshener.

Thanks to everyone who made the Celebration a success.  A special thanks to the Tewksbury Senior Center for allowing us to use their facility,

After recharging their batteries, volunteers came to Workshop the next day, ready to spread joy and happiness… one flower at a time.