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Be the Sharpest Tool on the Bench

When you come to the Fourth Annual Power of Flowers Project Plant Sale on Saturday, May 4 from 9 AM to 1 PM at the Tewksbury Senior Center, 175 Chandler Street, Tewksbury, be sure to bring your dull gardening and household tools (such as shears, clipper blades, pruners, scissors, knives, etc). 

National Sharpening Company of North Andover will be onsite to sharpen your items for a fee while you look over our wide selection of plants, raffle items, and whimsies.

For example here are some prices for typical gardening implements, some kitchen knives and other household tools:

  • pruners $7.00
  • loppers $10.00
  • grass shears $8.00
  • any hoe, shovel or edger $8.00
  • lawn mower blades $12.00
  • chef knives $8.00
  • paring knives $6.00
  • serrated bread knives $10.00
  • scissors $8.00
  • pinking shears $8.00

So, this coming Saturday, you can do a chore you’ve been meaning to do for a long time, buy some outstanding plants, get some wonderful gifts for upcoming occasions, support a very worthwhile non-profit that generates joy through flowers, AND HAVE FUN!

See you there!