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Baskets, Vases, and Bowls – OH MY! – RECYCLE = the word of the day! We Can Help YOU!


Do you believe in RECYCLING? We at the Power of Flowers would say ABSOLUTELY! WE DO! And we put it into action every single day!

Recycling encompasses our very mission. From the very start, we give gently used flowers a second career in our bouquets, reducing the waste of perfectly good flowers, ferns and other fauna. We even save all of those ?baskets, vases and bowls? that gave those flowers a life – even if only temporarily.

You might even say that we recycle our Volunteers talents — from their careers, from being Moms, Aunts, Grand Moms, co-workers, associates, and more — to bouquet creators and smile generators. ?And there are even more Volunteers who work behind the scenes, recycling and regenerating their talents into keeping the organization going.

So it is no surprise to know that we?ve amassed an inventory of baskets, vases, ceramic bowls, mache urns and other such vessels that housed our flowers before they started their second careers. We can?t use them all in our efforts, so we are making them available to you – at a very discounted dollar value. We do so in order to raise funds to help meet our financial obligations to keep the organization going and to continue carrying out our mission – making a difference one flower at a time.

So ?- Attention florists and florist wannabe?s — think about this opportunity to reduce your costs and still make that professional presentation that is so important in the profession.

Attention fundraisers – you want to maximize your efforts – so why spend lots on your supplies – when we have baskets that you can use to create those raffle baskets – at a deeply discounted price.

Attention gardeners – now is your time to plan for the future of the flowers that you will cut and proudly display – vases and bowls are available.

Attention Garden Clubs that are planning fundraisers or crafting for your meetings – vases, bowls, and other vessels to hold your succulents, air plants, little terrariums and even fairy homes.

Attention – Event Planners at all levels – If you are planning an event – at your own home or a bigger function – save some costs on your vases for centerpieces or for other planned decor

Attention Crafters – If you paint on glass vases or ceramic bowls or if you create fairy homes/scenes in terrariums or create other scenes with vases or even plant mini gardens in ceramic bowls – here’s your opportunity to obtain some at a lower price than you are accustomed to

Think outside the box and inside your immediate plans and how these vessels can help! This opportunity is open to EVERYONE!

If you are interested in obtaining any of these offerings, please contact Power Volunteer – Barb B – She can be reached?via our workshop phone – 978-226-8545. Someone is available most days — (i.e. When there are flowers to work with). If no one is available when you call – just leave a message and someone will get back to you soon.

Think about your opportunities — YOU WILL ?be helping the environment, your own endeavors and helping the Power of Flowers Project continue their mission.

All vessels have been cleaned and ready for your use!

We look forward to hearing from you!

…. making a difference one flower at a time ….