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There are various definitions of angels. Among them are ways to describe a person who has these attributes – beauty, purity and kindness; whose actions and thoughts are consistently virtuous; a guiding influence.

For those of us who believe in angels, we believe they manifest themselves in many ways – from the obvious to the minute and hardly noticeable – but we know that they are there, especially when they are needed the most.

For those who don?t believe in angels, perhaps they are timely coincidences or people who step in when they are needed the most.

Perhaps they manifest themselves in the form of a person or a favor or gentle breeze or the scent of a flower that brings back a treasured memory. Suddenly, they are there.

For now, we will call them angels. We at the Power of Flowers experience angels often and in many forms – a daily occurrence actually.

Here are just a few instances of our angels:

* The companies, brides and families who donate their flowers to our organization – the flowers are recycled and given second careers. Some of these flowers allow the memory of a special loved one to live on and continue to bring joy.

*?Our Volunteers are the angels who show up loyally, regularly to pick-up and deliver flowers. They show up in all kinds of weather – holidays and weekends too – to transform arrangements to small bouquets to smiles.

* Our angel donor who matched donations during the holiday season, doubling the impact of others,?allowing us to meet our obligations to carry on our mission.


* Then there were two special donors – Jeanne d? Arc Credit Union and Enterprise Bank – who made larger donations during the holidays that allowed us to purchase a much needed new cooler.


  • And then, maybe most notably, are the flowers themselves. Those bright, colorful, cheery gifts of nature that now sit on a tabletop and bring joy to the recipients. When least expected – they lean near and say ?someone cares? and ?you are special? — and suddenly that person has a happy thought and begins to smile. The day suddenly became a bit brighter. …..simply touched by an angel.


YOU are special! We appreciate YOU!

There really ARE angels among us!