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An Open Letter to Our Volunteers

From the Power of Flowers Project Board of Directors…

Happy National Volunteer Week, which begins on National Volunteer Day, April 7 and runs through April 13, 2019.

And who do we celebrate during this week?  Walk quickly to the nearest mirror.  YOU, that’s who.  We celebrate each and every one of you for all that you do.

The Power of Flowers Project could not function without our wonderful, multi-talented, kind, caring cadre of people willing give their time and energies to help others.

Our pool of volunteers is comprised of many different skill levels of people performing a variety of tasks:

Photograph by Rosemary B. Intingaro

Bouquet Builders.  What a bunch of creative, busy-as-bees, volunteers who put together our signature bouquets  at an amazing rate.  We love reading the daily recap of how many bouquets were created during the morning.  Astounding!  80-90-100-120… and so on!  No matter how many bouquets each person puts together, each one has a bit of the heart and soul of its creator.

Quicker Picker-Uppers. Those brave souls who drive the Van to pickup donated arrangements.  Often, we’ve seen volunteers unload a van full of flowers and then hop right back behind the wheel to answer another call. 

Break-Down Dancers.  As soon as the floral arrangements hit the Workshop, these nimble-fingered volunteers start the process of refreshing, sorting, and revitalizing the blooms so they’re ready to begin life again as smile-evoking gifts to recipients.

Photograph by Rosemary B. Intingaro

Delivery Divas and Divos.  Although the delivery piece of the process is one of the most rewarding, it is still time-consuming work.  Often the deliverer walks into a facility greeted by several  of the recipients and staff, who are anticipating the bouquets.  These lucky volunteers get to see wide smiles on faces and hear the oohs and ahs, which put a smile on the volunteers’ faces as well.

Special Event Planners. An extra special nod to those who work tirelessly to pull off our fundraising events flawlessly: Spread the Joy Luncheons, Victorian Teas, Plant Sales, Trinkets to Treasures.  And the volunteer socializing get-togethers: the Appreciation Brunch and Winter Holiday Celebration.  No detail is too small for these guys who pull together one classy event after another.

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

The Flower Therapy Workshop and Kindness Connection Leaders and Assistants.  These folks have an extra helping of patience and they bring such joy and feelings of accomplishment to the participants.

The Volunteers Behind the Green Curtain. We particularly have to pay attention to these behind the scenes folks: the Vase Recycling Program People, the Grant Writers, the Newsletter Writers, the Thank You Note writers, Technology Gurus, Finance Wizards, Cleaning Crew, PR Pundits, Power Volunteers, People who do marketing and those who solicit items for raffles and auctions…everyone who makes the organization run on well-greased wheels. 

Do all these tasks overlap?  You betcha.  If something needs doin’, we just have to ask.  So many hands go into the air at one time, you’d think it was the 7th inning stretch during the second game of a double-header! Bring food to various occasions, keep the break room stocked, run out and get… pickup and do, and don’t forget to …  WOW!  And it’s all done with grace, style, and a smile!

Over the years many friendships have been formed; our volunteers genuinely care for each other.  There’s always a great deal of cooperation.  Wish we had a nickel for every time we hear “Many hands make light work” in the Workshop.  It’s our volunteers’ mantra.

Still standing by that mirror?  You. Yeah, You. You’re the reason that the POFP has grown from its humble beginnings in Joyce B.’s basement with a handful of volunteers to the 150+ volunteers on the roster serving many communities in the Merrimack Valley.

No matter what you do as a POFP volunteer, we salute you and extend our heartfelt THANKS!  The Power of Flowers could not exist without you.


The Power of Flowers Project Board of Directors