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Afternoon Tea with Mrs. Gordon – You’re Invited!

from Mrs. Gordon’s Facebook page


Did you ever get weary of the constant barrage of today?s technology – smart phones, giant TV?s, computers, 24/7 news, even fake news? Perhaps you?ve yearned for a quiet afternoon in a setting of gentile days gone by. Gentler times. Romantic times. A time when the arts prospered. When the day provided for afternoon tea… discuss fashion, social ideas, culture and perhaps even courtships.

Have you ever wondered what? a day like that may be like? Perhaps a day in the Victorian era? What was social life and a courtship like back then? We have that opportunity available for you to experience — ?Journey back with us — ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? at ?the Power of Flowers Victorian Tea.

An afternoon away from technology, the stress, the hurried lifestyle that we’ve become accustomed to and unlike your otherwise typical day.

Our Power of Flowers hostesses look forward to greeting all of you for an elegant but yet light-hearted, friendly day of fun and enjoyment. Mrs. Gordon will be entertaining us, as we go back to the Victorian times of the 1890?s with her lifestyle and character from this era.

So come and enjoy a relaxing Victorian era tea and performance:
Date: ? ? ? ?February 11, 2017
Time: ? ? ? 11 am to 1 pm
Where😕 ? Tewksbury Congregational Church.

A wonderful excuse to get together with a gathering of friends with light refreshments and chatter.

Picture – Victorian Tea from Pinterest post –



Period delicacies and assorted teas will be served. Menu items are being designed for the most refined palate and delicacies will likely include:

  • Thin slices of bread lathered in?orange or pear conserve
  • Breads filled with an assortment of meats and vegetables ?(chicken/ham/turkey/egg, olive with pimento cream cheese, cucumbers with Russian dressing, etc.) displayed on tiered trays.
  • Dainty Desserts meant to delight, to include fancy biscuits, short-breads, lemon teacakes, bonbons, pastel macaroons, lady fingers with rose or pistachio icing to delight anyone?s appetite on a cold day.
  • Crystallized fruits and nuts will round out the menu

Setting the stage and encompassing that regal feeling, will be Centerpieces with flowers light in profusion atop damask linens. History has shown that Victorians always loved delicate roses straight from their gardens.

So plan to join us at our Victorian Tea! We look forward to seeing you there and sharing some history, tea, and delicacies.

Hats and gloves are optional and you can, of course, bring your favorite teacup and saucer for sipping that warm cup of tea.

Gentlemen are welcomed to join along.

Tickets can be purchased HERE?

For more information please check our website? HERE ?or call the workshop at 978-226-8545